A3 Cabriolet

A3 Cabriolet


€ 60

/ day

Monsoonal moisture streamed into Montenegro, teasing drought-weary residents with a juicy atmosphere, billowing clouds spewing lightning, and the occasional drop or two of rain. It looked and felt Hawaiian outside, so I peeled back the roof of the Audi A3 Cabriolet, streamed some positive aloha-themed tunes via Pandora, and set off across the Santa Monica Mountains for the beach. If it's hot, and you stop along the way for a frosty beverage, keep in mind that the A3's leather is not solar-reflective, and turns into a frying pan for your legs and butt if you leave the car parked in the sun with the top down. Also, Audi does not offer front seat ventilation for this car; it really needs it. New handwriting recognition technology is included with the latest generation of MMI. The touch-sensing pad atop the center controller can read characters as they are added to the system one at a time. It is fairly accurate, and when mistakes are made it is easy to delete faulty character input or recognition.

Price Rates

10. Jun - 10. Sep 11. Sep - 9. Jun
1-2 days 120 110
3-6 days 90 90
7-13 days 85 70
14+ days 75 60

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