Insurance of vehicles for rent

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Insurance of vehicles for rent

Insurance of vehicles for rent

When renting a vehicle, you must certainly think about some risk, not only you have to take care of the accident, but you have to consider what would happen if the car was stolen or otherwise damaged. If you do get into an accident, you need to consider the damage to the other vehicle as well as injury to any other parties involved. For this reason, you must be well acquainted with the conditions of the rental, and whether you have included some type of insurance policy for that vehicle.If rent a car agent is reliable and professional, it will help you in the choice of adequate insurance.
When renting a car, it is important that, in addition to the price, pay attention to the conditions under which you rent it. In the rental agreement you can find all the necessary information about your obligations, as well as the obligations of the agency where you rent a car.

- If you are planning a trip to another country, did you get all the necessary documents, such as a green card?
- Who can drive a rented vehicle? It's usually the person who signed the contract. If you wish, you have the possibility to specify a partner as a driver, but this service is additionally charged. The name of the additional driver is stated in the contract.
- Is the fuel included in the price? If you rent a vehicle with a full fuel tank, then you return the car in the same condition. If you want to return the car with less fuel than it was in the car when it was taken over, arrange it before picking up the car. Without prior agreement, the amount of fuel used is charged in accordance with the terms of the contract.
- There are different conditions in different countries regarding the age of the driver who rented the vehicle. Thus, for example, a driver of 21 years and with at least 2 years of driving experience can rent a car in one country, while in some other country the minimum age for drivers is 25 years.
- How to behave in the event of an accident? Be sure to notify the police as well as the agency where you rented the car. Try to resolve the situation with an agreement.

If rent a car agent is reliable and professional, he will help you in the choice of adequate insurance. There are different types of auto insurance and consideration of your expectations as a prerequisite for renting a car will provide you with the coverage you need. Among them are:

- Mandatory Third Party Liability Insurance Provisions - covers the damage that you, as a driver, caused to third parties. In this case, the insurance company reimburses damage incurred on the car, as well as no material damage (injuries, deaths) inflicted on a third person.
- Collision Damage Waiver (Loss Damage Waiver, CDW, LDW, and DW) covers damage caused to the car as well as vehicle theft. Carefully check in which cases the insurance company will cover the damage and whether some cases are excluded from this policy. Often insurance does not cover damage to tires or damage to windshields.
- Theft Protection - in case of burglary or theft of a car.

If you damage the interior of the car due to negligence or you are under the influence of alcohol, then you can not compensate for the damage that has occurred. Insurance will also not compensate for the damage caused by a person who was not authorized to drive cars.
So please inquire in detail about the rights and obligations that you have on car rentals.

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