How to ensure rent a car safetly

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How to ensure rent a car safetly

How to ensure rent a car safetly

When renting a car in Familycar Budva, you know that you are ensuring car rental safety. We take care of the correctness in the comfort of our car dealers, because our clients' safety is in the first place. Below we suggest a few useful tips to ensure your safety, and the safety of your passengers.

Know the road rules

Whether you are a local resident of Montenegro or you are a visitor, it is necessary to get acquainted with the rules and conditions on the roads before driving. By complying with the Law on Traffic, ie traffic restrictions, signaling and markings, you will secure a safe and comfortable stay in Montenegro. Team Familycar Budva will be at your disposal for all questions and uncertainties about complying with these rules.

Car Insurance

The recommendation of a friend from Familycar Budva is the insurance of the car you rent. Namely, this procedure gives you added safety due to some irregularities in driving, or possible damage to the car. By renting a car, KASKO provides you with insurance.

GPS Device

Missing roads in Montenegro can affect you disturbing, and can lead to side effects. Familycar offers you a GPS system rental with maps updated with the latest changes. We believe that using this device will enable you to enjoy yourself in all the beauties of Budva and the remains of Montenegro and provide you with a comfortable holiday without stress.

Children’s car seats

Having children's seats is legally mandatory for safety reasons. Depending on the age of the child, Familycar Budva offers you an offer without additional rental costs. We hope that these tips have helped you choose the safest and cheapest cars you can rent in Budva within the Familycar agency.
We want you a safe and exciting journey in Familycar cars.

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Evelyn C Miller 27-10-2016

I am delighted that all the accessories listed here can be reserved for the selection of cars on your site. Congratulations for detailed descriptions.


Прудников Се 27-10-2016

Очень полезные советы. Это поможет всем, кто впервые посетит Черногорию.


Joseph L Gruber 27-10-2016

I hope that with these facts we will not have problems with respecting the regulations for driving through Montenegro. We expect more additional tips.

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